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Life Coach Rekha

Certified Trainer | Motivational Speaker | Corporate Trainer | Yogacharya

Ms. Rekha is an acclaimed trainer & a highly motivating speaker. She has shared the secret of mind power with thousands of people and her students are amazed at the successful results for themselves.

Ms. Rekha is an active & successful Reiki Practitioner and Yoga Trainer and has the power to awaken everyone to their powerful innate abilities. Her methods are a perfect combination of yoga, pranayam, meditation and other alternative therapies like Reiki and are unique panacea for solving all lifestyle problems.


Corporate Divya Formula

This program helps professional balance stress in professional life and personal life relations and helps them achieve their goals with focus Mental imagery techniques for visualizing and achieving success in corporate and personal life. Time Management | Working Compatibilty | Team Work | Channelizing energy & much more.


Student’s Divya Formula

Each student has an inner creative genius. This program helps students in setting goals & achieving them, be more focused & prepared to face challenges in life & get rid of their negative thoughts, fears & phobias. You will experience a positive transformation in academics as well as in career.


She’s Empowered Workshop

A woman with sunshine in her eyes is ready to conquer the world with a positive gleam and a confident attitude. This program empowers a woman with practical knowledge and techniques of Mind Power, Positive Attitude, inspirations, and entertainment so that she can live a bold, beautiful and authentically brilliant life!


Celebrate the New You

You have infinite powers to convert all your dreams into reality. You just need to know how to tap those powers. This course enlightens you by sharing the powers of our mind and teach you techniques for getting what you want; success, abundance, peace, good health and happiness.