Facts of Mid Brain

As reviewed by scientists, it’s a myth that a person utilizes only 10% of his brain capacity. Let us think how amazing a human being can be if it’s brain utilization is improved.The human brain is composed of a left and aright brain.Together they are called the cerebral brain.Some people are left brain dominant, which means intensively larger, systematic and analytical thinking, while others are right dominant, tending to be more creative, emotional and intuitive. However one fact is that we also have a Mid-Brain, which acts like a communicating bridge connecting the left and right brain, so that the left and right brain can communicate more effectively and efficiently function with each other leading to a more balanced and a full use of the brain.

Benefits of Mid Brain Activation

Mid-Brain activation is the technique of optimizing the functions of our middle brain, which is the ‘bridge’ between the left and right brain. Having this ‘bridge’ activated allows for the retrieval of information between the left and the right brain, which leads to more efficiency in learning and absorption of information. It also brings out and strengthens characteristics such as creativity, memory, application skills, self-confidence, and the ability to concentrate. Midbrain activation improves learning efficiency several times and maximizes the ability of the brain.An activated Mid-Brain’s memory could be an extraordinary, having a great potential to develop the right brain just as fast as the left, thereby improving attention, critical thinking skills and creativity, motor-skills, confidence, super sensory perceptions, emotional-control and better retrieval and absorption of information.

What Expert Says

Experts suggest that the children’s midbrain activation should be done as soon as possible, preferably between the ages of 5 to 15 yearold; otherwise it becomes difficult to help them develop their brain. This is because the left brain “logical” has become more sophisticated, complex by the time a child crosses this age.During Mid-Brain activation, a child learns how to enter the condition of meditation in order to be able to “see” with his eyes closed. The genius doesn’t mean someone with IQ above 130, rather it is a condition where they will be able to decrease their brain waves down to alpha-theta wave bracket and the brain will begin to function optimally. When the brain functions optimally all human senses will be in their top performances including the capability of intuition,so a child is able to do all these activities with his/her eyes closed. Once a child enters the genius condition, he will be able to memorize faster, concentrate better and even perform the art of speed reading.

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What is Mid-Brain?

>The midbrain also called mesencephalon is a portion of the central nervous system associated with vision, hearing,motor control, sleep/wake, arousal, and temperature regulation.The midbrain is located between the two developmental regions of the brain known as the forebrain and hindbrain.

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> Within the midbrain is the reticular formation, which is part of the tegmentum,a region of the brainstem that influences motor functions.

>The midbrain also contains the cerebellumand a large pigmented nucleus called the substantianigra. The substantianigra consists of two parts,the pars reticulata and the pars compacta.

>Cell of the pars compacta contain the dark pigment melanin, which are structures of the basal ganglia and are involved in mediating movement and coordination.

>These two structures,in addition to the globus pallidus,form the striatum.By inhibiting the action of neurons in the caudate nucleus and the putamen, the dopaminergic cell of the pars compacta influence the neuronal output of the neurotransmitter GABA (gamma-amino butyric acid).

>The neurons in turn project to the cell of the pars reticulata,which,by projecting fibers to the thalamus,are part of the output system of the corpus striatum.

What is Mid-Brain activation?

>The workshop is usually called “Mid-Brain Activation” or “Brain Activation”. “Mid-Brain” is a term which has main objective to balance the right & left brain.

>In fact, the Mid-Brain activation activates the whole brain parts.The training uses some methods to make children enthusiastic and happy, so that they can maximize the potential of activating their whole brain.

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>In our unique and effective Mid-Brain activation training, we use advanced brain wave frequencies in the form of music and provide a stress-free environment to develop the mid, left and right brain of the child.>Children between 5 to 14 years of age can attend our two days-long fun filled training course.Once they complete the initial Mid-Brain seminars,they will need a few more sessions to completely activate their Mid-Brain and use it to its maximum potential.

Why should the Mid-Brain be activated?

> To balance the usage of the left and right brain.

> To make the left and right brain communicate easily and more freely.

> With the whole brain fully functioning at will, hidden potentials will be unleashed.


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>Most of the children diminish their intuitive abilities when they become adults. Usually the left brain dominates the right brain when children grow up, so the intuition, imagination, visualization diminishes.

>Genius people have the left and right brain balanced.

>Someone who has well maintained brain balance also tends to have a positive attitude.In the future we need a more genius generation to face the formidable challenges yet to come.

Benefits of Mid-Brain Activation

1. Memory enhancement
2. Stay stress free
3. Ability for self-motivation
4. Development of the ability of speed reading
5. Improvement in IQ and EQ
6. Helps in the mastery of the senses
7. Improves confidence
8. Improves concentration