Life Coach Rekha believes that each student has an inner creative genius.
She’s personally designed this program to help students in setting their goals & achieving them, be more focused & prepared to face challenges in life& get rid of their negative thoughts, fears & phobias. It is a boon both for their academic as well as their career.

Divine experience for students means the feeling of joy in learning new things rather than burden of homework, taking up challenges.

At hub, we have specially designed programs to teach students smart work so that they can feel divine in each leaps and bounds of their learning process and achieve their goals easily. In our programs, we share the powerful techniques aimed at reaching an Alpha State of Mind, where our subconscious mind is ready to accept our commands.

Empower students to

set their goals and achieve them…
be more focused and prepared to face challenges…
get rid of negative thoughts, fears and phobias …
score more in exams
set mental alarm and manage sleep
face exams without fear
manage time
plan their subjects in exam preparations
do fast revision
take effective breaks in exam preparation
develop positive attitude towards life and failure